Wanna be a Senior Rep?

Class of 2020 Senior Rep Program!


Class of 2020 Senior Rep Perks

Several themed group shoots throughout the year

boutique collaboration

Senior video options

30-120 Minute personalized senior shoot

$25 Visa Gift Cards for each referral

Referred clients will receive a $25 Print Credit

Who the program is for:

   Current High School Seniors  graduating in the Spring of 2020 (Loveland, Berthoud, Johnstown, Windsor, Greeley, Ft.Collins Anywhere in Northern Colorado, Etc.)

   Students who have a joyful presence, involvement in the school or community, and have a "thing" you love (sports, music, fashion, etc.)

Online presence, specifically on Instagram and Snapchat

The Details:

    Keep an FYA Seniors approved profile picture up on social media sites through December 2019

   Active Student and Parental/Guardian involvement in talking to others about FYA Seniors

 Complete social media tasks listed in our private Facebook group 

  Parental/Guardian and student signatures on the model release form and senior rep contract

   Only promote Follow Your Arrow Seniors through the 2019-2020 school year

  Involvement has different tiers this year. I will explain your options after your application is submitted! We will schedule a product ordering session with you and your parents after your personalized session is completed. You will receive websized files for your participation, whereas high resolution digitals and products will be purchased separately.  

   You must provide clothing for concept shoots (most things we will find in your own closet)

How it works:

You come to the sessions and then you and your parents spread the word about our program in-person and via social media. Talk about how awesome we are and what a great experience you had with us. It's not your responsibility to discuss pricing. Leave that up to me! If a senior joins our team and mentions your name, you get the referral and they get the print credit. You will be invited to attend several of our awesome shoots throughout the year -- we will have 1-2 mandatory shoots for the whole group, but the rest will be optional. You will be able to choose from the different tiers of out program to fit your needs and budget!

Why do I want to be a part of this?

Well, for one your senior year is full of change and excitement and growth, so being able to have photos year round to capture that journey is pretty awes! But, being a rep is pretty prestigious and a special honor. We want the students who represent our company to be joyful, involved in their school or community and excited to find where their arrow points them next! Whether it's a passion, career path, or just overall zeal for life, we want authenticity. Not to mention, it's something that you can put on your resumes for college or job applications, and you can make money for your future. Consider this a fun job AND an opportunity to be involved in something that betters yourself and your community. You get to make new friends from all different backgrounds and from different schools, and it's an uplifting and positive activity to be involved in.