Confession: I am a beauty lover!

I see it all around me in people and animals, in the world around me, in the music that is part of my soul. Photography allows me to capture that beauty, sometimes in a quiet scene, in the emotions of a wedding, the joyous celebration of a first birthday, or a candid interaction between members of a family photo shoot.  My favorite thing is preserving memories for people that will never come again, especially those emotions that are missed-like a father’s face as he watches his son graduate, the groom’s eyes as he sees his bride come down the aisle, the joy and wonder of a child as they discover a mud puddle, or the tear on a mother’s face as her daughter says I do.

 I love adventuring, yet depend on the security of home and loved ones. Traditions are very important to me, but I also love creating new paths and new ways of celebrating life. Spending time with friends and loved ones is very important to me, but having my own private time is crucial as well. I am crazy about my fur babies, Lola and Bailey! Also I just Love love love succulents!

As a hair stylist, I love bringing out the beauty that comes from loving who you are. I love the challenge of giving my clients the look that makes them feel like the best version of themselves, and that means finding out what that is before I can even begin to use my skills as a cosmetologist. Setting my own hours lets me spend the time to do that, especially with new clients. 

I love singing and playing my guitar, and I even like performing (especially with my little sis), despite being overall a fairly quiet person.

Having my own businesses empowers me and gives me the chance to support myself, use my talents in a way that benefits others,  and still satisfy the creativity that drives me.  

The amazing support system that I have never ceases to amaze me! Having people who believe in you and push you to grow are just the biggest blessing!  Thank you all for your support!